Manpack H-250 Phone Handset
by W2ENY

I have thes fitted for the following setups:
Yaesu modular 817, 857 and 897
Icom modular 703, 706, 7000, 7100
Icom round 7200, 7300, 745, 756, 718 and others

Earphone audio comes thru the Icom 8 pin round connector, the others have a separate headphone plug.

This H-250 Handset is new and features great sound now with my HiFi Electret Element.

I've been selling alot of these mic upgrades and decided to refurb some microphones myself. I've remove the original muffly mic element and replaced it with my own HiFi Electret element.

This mic works on VOX or PTT and uses voltage that's supplied by the radio thru the mic connector. My element brings life to this cool handset, now you'll get good audio reports!!! This new H-250 is connectorized for your Icom or Yaesu, ready to go.

This is not a military manufactured H-250, those handsets use tinsel wire and are impossible to solder to.

Send check or money order (US ONLY) for $120.00 to:

Robert Langston
286 Hudson Street
Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y. 12520

Jeff W5IJH posted on youtube with his Yaesu 817