My custom design modernizes your old
Astatic D-104 Silver Eagle and Night Eagle TUP9
I've been experimenting with MANY headsets over the last years, I had previously used a Heil headset til now.  This wide range electret element far exceeds mic specs for optimum use of todays technology.
I designed this application for a direct solder in replacement that brings Hi-Fi audio and new life to my old amplified D-104 (must have amplifier and 9v battery in the Silver Eagle stand).  Upgrade your old classic and get good audio reports!!!
It's a 10 minute job to replace and it works great!!  Features great sound with full range audio, I've been getting nothing but excellent 'ON AIR' audio reports ("Sounds just like you, Bob!").
50 Hz - 16 kHz wide range FLAT Response - Natural Sound
Finally, a way to upgrade from that shrill, top end sound offered by similar crystal replacements!
This auction is only for the "W2ENY HIFI D-104 Silver Eagle Replacement" kit with short tinned leads, resistor jumper and new black felt shown in the pic - all else in the pic is shown for illustration only.

Electret Mic element, resistor/jumper, black felt and instructions are included.

This replacement is ONLY for the Silver Eagle, Night Eagle
and Diamond Eagle D-104 models
with the T-UP9 base, amplifier board (PC-100) and battery.

What does it sound like?
  CLICK HERE for before   CLICK HERE for after

$20 complete with instructions

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Robert Langston
286 Hudson Street
Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y. 12520

D104 Silver/Night Eagle (TUP9) Base