Icom CIV Compatible Interface
A cost effective solution for Icom's Interface

by Bob W2ENY

This new unit works with Icom's software, 3rd party freeware/shareware to allow computer control of your ICOM radio.

The interface features a DB-9 shielded female connector, which plugs into your computer's serial port (RS232 comm 1, 2...) and a mini phone plug for the REMOTE jack on your ICOM radio.

The adapter/interface is compatible with most Icom radios: 706, 706MKII, 706MKIIG, 718, 725, 726, 728, 729, 735, 736, 737, 746, 746PRO, 756, 756PRO, 756PROII, 756PROIII, 761, 765, 775, 781, R75. With a slight modification (which I'll do for you, if needed) the unit works fine with the T8, T81, R2, Q7, etc. Icom radios.....

Included with the interface is a Free CDROM. This CDROM contains the following:

  • The Icom CT-17 manual

  • The Icom 'Communication Interface Reference Manual'

  • FULLY explains most of the software command set, interface, and many other things.
    (something Icom doesn't give out, it's about 40 pages)

  • Software specific to the Icom 706, 746, 756, R2, Q7a and other radios

  • My own quick start instructions and 70+ pages of software docs

  • Many other 3rd Party Programs used for controlling Icom Radios (HT's included)